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How to Become Published

Wisconsin Architect magazine offers several opportunities for you to be published. The annual issue is reflective of the projects designed and the business conducted throughout the state by AIA Wisconsin architects. Regular departments of the magazine offer informative articles written by AIA members and allied professionals. The following offers a brief description of the publication opportunities available in Wisconsin Architect:


This is a short introduction to each issue, usually 75-100 words in length, written by an AIA Wisconsin member. Content relates to the types of projects and articles featured in that particular issue. Often thought provoking, this regular feature offers the author a platform to stir the reader into action. It is short enough for busy architects to jot down a few thoughts but long enough to make a point.


Feature articles showcase an outstanding project or highlight discussion on an issue of significant importance to the profession. Usually 150-300 words with graphics, 500 words without graphics, article submissions follow criteria of project specifications for graphics.


Often originating as Design Award submittals, project articles typically are one-page in length and are published according to the Editorial Calendar established for Wisconsin Architect. See Project Article Specifications. Please submit projects on CD with printed copies to the address below.


These informative articles range between 300 and 500 words. FYI articles are designed to educate readers on new initiatives, processes or applications. Please submit your Inform articles as MSWord documents to editor If the article is accompanied by images, submit high-resolution files on CD with printed copies to the address below.


These 300-500 word articles provide the author the opportunity to discuss architectural design, practice and related issues. It is an opportunity for you to encourage and contribute to the debate of important topics affecting the profession and practice of architecture. Please submit your Inform articles as MSWord documents to editor

Society News

This department includes short 20-40 word announcements pertaining to AIA, AIA Wisconsin, AIA Wisconsin Chapters, AIA Wisconsin members and affiliated programs. Please submit your announcements to editor


Wisconsin Architect offers advertising space to companies in an attractive publication at reasonable rates. It delivers a targeted professional audience suited to the specific promotional needs of consultants and product and service providers to Wisconsin 's design and construction industry.

For more information on how to become published in Wisconsin Architect or to arrange an article submission, please call Brenda Taylor, managing editor, at (608) 257-8497 ext 102.

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Wisconsin Architect is the official publication of AIA Wisconsin, the statewide society of The American Institute of Architects, and has been published since 1933. It’s a standard in the profession. AIA members appreciate the support received from companies who advertise in Wisconsin Architect.



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