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Standard Form of Agreement Between Design/Builder and Architect (with instructions)

Number: B143
Series: Doc B-Series
Member Price: $18.75 (Each)
Non-Member Price: $25.00 (Each)


B143-2004 replaces B901-1996 and establishes the contractual relationship between the design-builder and its architect. B143 consists of the Agreement, Exhibit A, Initial Information and Exhibit B, Standard Form of Architectís Services. B143 consists of the Agreement portion and two exhibits, Exhibit A, Initial Information, and Exhibit B, Standard Form of Consultantís Services. The Agreement is modeled after B141-1997 and follows its same general structure except that initial information, including the project parameters and information about the project team, is placed in a separate Exhibit A. The architectís scope of services is provided in Exhibit B as a menu of briefly described services that the parties can select and augment to suit the needs of the project.


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