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AIA Publications: 2005 Annual Design Awards Competition Gallery 
Sculptor Atelier Merkurstrasse
Gossau (SG), Switzerland


Gastrau Fuerer & Associates, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; FG Architektur Gossau (SG), Switzerland


Roman Brunschwiller Merkurstrasse, Gossau (SG), Switzerland


FG Architektur Gossau (SG), Switzerland

Project Description

Located in a dense residential neighborhood in a Swiss village, this project was designed to house the new studio for a sculptor. The atelier, connected to an existing studio, is a sculpture in itself with the architects’ design realized through the fabrication of a geometric steel structural system. Its curved spatial form created a high ceiling height necessary to accommodate the sculptor’s overhead crane.

The atelier’s east and west facades are composed of glass with an angel hair laminate that allows natural daylight and also maintains privacy. The interior use of douglas fir wood provides a warm feeling; but, more importantly, this design solution addresses an acoustical requirement for the actual art of sculpting.

The exterior is sheathed with zinc titanium panels, creating a simple form that rests next to the existing home. This new atelier serves as the sculptor’s studio and also functions as an exhibition space.



Jury Comments

This is one of those projects that we all agreed has a jewel-like quality, where every move relies on another move and depends on some internal or external shaping. As a result, this shape is expressed in both internal and external issues and becomes a beautiful, poetic studio.

The structural steel and how it was shaped to respond to those forces make sense. The end result becomes one of those complete architectural projects that verges on industrial design because it is working on that larger level of functionality. The project is well considered, refined and elegant. It is related to the nature of what that building wants to be.

Very little is required to explain or to understand what it accomplishes. It is a nice project.

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