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AIA Publications: 2005 Annual Design Awards Competition Gallery 
Frederick J. Miller Employee Meeting Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


La Dallman Architects Inc, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Miller Brewing Company | SAB Miller, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Selzer-Ornst Co. Construction Services, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Project Description

This project transforms an ordinary corporate office space into an extraordinary, modern interpretation of a 19th century pub that is situated on the first floor of Miller Brewing Company’s headquarters. The innovative interior design displays refined detailing and utilizes non-standard materials, such as mica panels and metal fabric that offer a tactile and memorable alternative to the typical finishes often associated with corporate office spaces. The architect custom-designed much of the furniture. A key element of the program was connecting the meeting space to an existing terrace, which now allows expansive views of the Miller campus of 90 plus buildings. The meeting center also provides an exhibition area for Miller’s historical artifacts collections.


Jury Comments

This is an honors interior. A special place should feel like how this project was finished. It is beautifully executed and elegantly finished, displaying restrained interiors that work on all levels.  Through the process of the competition, it was nice to see how the architect’s early ambitions became realized. It is a mature, skilled project and detailed very nicely. As a destination place, this is the comfy cozy place on the Miller Campus that you would immediately want to visit, even from several buildings away, to hold your meeting or just have coffee. It is very successful.

There is a tendency in these types of places to take a festival architecture approach, with neon, happy themes and interior corporate identifiers. The architect was able to resist that and create a somewhat quiet, meditative space. I’m sure, in a subtle way, people are very comfortable in this place. It is a very peaceful space.

It looks like an interior designed for the long haul; it is very classic and very contemporary. The space gives employees a sense of well-being and shows that they are being very well taken care of. The project could be in many places like SoHo, Houston and other cities where you feel that you are part of the world stage and of the now. It’s really nice. This also is an award to the client for taking the road not typically chosen in the industry and allowing for some very fine detailing in this room.

The project shows professional respect. I think I’ll apply there right now!

The space has a comfortable quality without being too personal. It’s perfect for its use.

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Photo Credit: Don Wong Photo, Inc. or La Dallman Architects Inc.

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