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AIA Publications: 2005 Annual Design Awards Competition Gallery 
The Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Jewish Community Campus Aquatic Center
Verona, Wisconsin


The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc., Cedarburg, Wisconsin


Madison Jewish Community Council, Madison, Wisconsin


Bauer & Raether Builders, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin

Project Description

Designed to serve as a central hub of social activity, this project includes a beautiful pool house, 5,000 square foot competition swimming pool and a wading pool while thoughtfully integrating the facility into a natural, wooded landscape.

To take full advantage of the natural landscape on the 154 acre campus, the architect worked with the client to revise the original master plan to include site and solar orientation for the facility as well as its connection to other campus buildings.

The new pool house displays a simple, straightforward design scheme. A wood frame structure and the playful use of colors with stained cedar siding add to the summer camp atmosphere. A distinct feature of the pool is the architect’s “uncaged” design, which raised the entire pool onto a level plateau above the sight line for the security fence. This innovative, yet simple, idea creates a feeling of open space and connection to the larger environment.



Jury Comments

We all liked the simplicity of the site planning and the building itself. The effort to do something with the pool and this setting to minimize the amount of trapping by the security fence that is required by the world we live in is really appreciated.

The building creates a nice backdrop, not just the landscape edges. It feels like a summer building, almost a classic park building, naturally day lit. It is very beautiful and effective.

There is a humanness in this project that park shelters normally do not have. It is a building that you can like, with a humanity that will be popular to the people who use it.

The site works very well and the site work is terrific. In a cut and fill move, the building introduces us to the pool and then the landscape plunges down, masking the fence and opening a view to the valley. It is design at its best when you can solve two or three problems and develop two or three poetic ideas while, for the most part, making it with one move. The design is terrific and truly what architecture is about. We’d like to applaud how respectful this design is of the environment and its setting. The architects did a lot with it and kept it clean and simple.

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Photo Credit: Heffoto, Inc.

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