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AIA Publications: 2005 Annual Design Awards Competition Gallery 
Brady Street Bus Shelter
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


La Dallman Architects Inc, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Brady Street Business Improvement District #11, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Brady Street Business Improvement District #11, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Project Description

This project was commissioned by a neighborhood business group with the goal of transforming a series of neglected urban spaces. It is the first completed phase of a larger initiative, the Crossroads Project.

The bus shelter serves as a haven for city bus passengers as well as a respite for bicyclists and pedestrians approaching the Brady Street and Van Buren intersection.

Representing the gateway to the Crossroads Project, the architect’s design reflects an intelligent use of structural elements and detailing that bring a quiet dignity to the moments spent waiting.

The bus shelter incorporates unique features, including a concrete platform, stonewalls that are shaped to form benches, large steel sash glass panels to provide a wind block and a butterfly roof that drains rainwater into a concrete basin. As a thoughtful alternative to the typical aluminum variety, this bus shelter is refreshing.

Bus Shelter


Jury Comments

This bus shelter is everyone’s favorite little project. Clearly a labor of love, it’s one of those powerhouse projects that has both macro urban effect and micro architectural detail finishing effects. The shelter is a good example that demonstrates a project does not have to be large to be strong in design, execution and affect. It truly makes a difference in this kind of a neighborhood where it’s suddenly paying attention to the small moments as you wait for a bus. It’s not just a utilitarian thing because you’re actually sitting in a place within the city. The project is a nice way to celebrate and pay attention to those moments.

It’s a little urban thing in a neighborhood that you can imagine being elsewhere in the city, as the architect suggests. There is a visual linkage to the larger context to the city. There is enough nuance in this particular shelter to imagine that each new location is altered to that location to fit the opportunity.

As a catalyst for the future project that is in this submission, people can get truly excited about the beginnings of what that larger project might be.

Clearly, this project was a labor of love. The architect had a passion for the work and patience for the process.

It was well documented with very nice, highly-detailed drawings. As a presentation, it attracted the attention required to be recognized.

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Photo Credit: Facility Engineering Inc. or J.H Findorff & Son

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