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AIA Publications: 2005 Annual Design Awards Competition Gallery
318 North Water Street | Hanson Dodge
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Eppstein Uhen Architects, Inc.


Tim Dodge | Graceville, LLC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Beyer Construction, New Berlin, Wisconsin

Project Description

A former antiques warehouse, this formidable project involved the rehabilitation of a 48,000 square foot structure in Milwaukee’s Historical Third Ward. On the surface, the basic program was simple: redevelop this historic structure into a multi-tenant mixed-use building, with retail on the first floor and offices on the upper three floors. The owners wanted the design solution to respect the building’s historic character and express the creative bent of their enterprises. Each design decision built upon the strength and drama discovered within this long-neglected warehouse. As a result of the thoughtfully structured layering of interactive and supporting spaces, this building has become an enriching creative presence within the urban context. The jury recognized the project for successful rehabilitation and redevelopment.

318 Noth Water

Jury Comments

The jury awards this citation for rehab and redevelopment.

It’s a good example of a project in an existing urban fabric. The design was restrained, but aggressive. We should embrace the architect and the developer. These are important projects for the future.

In spite of the typical response to put a new frame in front of the building, they’ve rotated it — another typical response; however, the architect incorporated a porch and a balcony, an active attachment. Again, credit goes to the architect and the developer who have found a real useable space. The project is very tastefully done, but not over done. It appears that it can be continually rehabbed based on the infrastructure adaptations, which make it still possible for it to find its uses.

The design shows some sensitivity to this type of building. It is an office building at this point in its evolution, and housing the future in its existing structure.

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Photo Credit: Interiors: Tricia Shay Photography & Erol Reyel
Exteriors: Erol Reyel

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