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AIA Publications: 2004 Annual Design Awards Competition Gallery 
ACT Headquarters Building Project
Madison, Wisconsin


Flad & Associates, Madison, Wisconsin


ACT, Inc., Iowa City, Iowa


McComas-Lacina Construction, Iowa City, Iowa

Project Description

This new headquarters of the nation’s largest developer and administrator of educational and career assessments is located on the site of the original 1959 facility.

The project was designed as a cloister of multiple buildings connected by interior and exterior common spaces and pedestrian paths. It includes a 120,000-square-foot office facility and a 50,000-square-foot commons building, which contains the library, meeting and training rooms and a cafeteria.

A courtyard integrates exterior spaces with interior program functions. The headquarters facility creates a sense of community that fosters collaboration among groups, departments and individuals.



Jury Comments

So many projects talk about creating a sense of place – this one actually does. As a collective, it is successful as an urban gesture in a rural setting. There is an absolutely clear-shot view through most of these buildings, preserving a very healthy exposure to daylight. This makes sense in a building that is about careers, work and finding where people are going to be spending their time in the future. In short, it looks like a nice place to work.

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