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AIA Membership: Career Stages

MentorThe AIA acknowledges the importance of mentoring in the AIA Code of Ethics where members are encouraged to "nurture their fellow professionals as they progress through stages of their career, beginning with professional education in the academy, progressing through internship, and continuing throughout their career."

Through AIA's Intern Development Program (IDP), Mentors play a critical role, as they help developing architects review and reflect on their work.

Resouce Guides

Firms and Supervisors: Looking to Improve Your Firm's Mentoring?

Firms and supervisors who make professional development and learning a cornerstone of their culture help their interns become great architects. These firms are also more successful at retaining talent. The AIA offers support for firms and supervisors who aim to create an environment focused on learning and development in their own practice through the resources on this page.

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