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A.R.E.Study Sessions September 2016 - April 2017
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, Monthly 

Join Architectural Interns at monthly ARE Study Sessions at locations throughout Wisconsin. Jeremy VanMinsel, AIA, will present free seminars to help you prepare for the Architect Registration Examination.  


We are proud to announce the schedule for the 2016-17 ARE Study Sessions sponsored by AIA
Wisconsin and AIA Milwaukee.

Sessions are free and open to all interns and mentors. These sessions will be hosted live in Milwaukee and simulcast around the state.

All sessions will be held from 5:30-7pm and will include an overview of the content covered on each
exam, sample multiple choice questions and an overview of the graphic vignettes. Study tips, and
sample study resources will also be discussed. Attending the sessions is a great way to understand what
is involved with the ARE and formulate your own plan of attack for the exams. Even if you aren’t ready
right now, attending the sessions is a great way to understand what is involved in taking the exams and
you can gauge your readiness based on what is covered.

Live Broadcast Site   
Eppstein Uhen Architects, 333 E. Chicago St., Milwaukee

Webcast Locations
Flad Architects (Sessions 2-8), 644 Science Dr, Madison

Registration is required for each session. Please select the location you will attend:


2016-17 Session Schedule

September 20th
Time for Change – AXP and ARE
Presented by AIA-appointed Architecture Licensing Advisor Russ LaFrombois, AIA

October 18th
Site Planning & Design
> Planning (history)
> Civil (grading, slopes)
> Soil Types
> Graphic Vignettes (Site Grading & Site Design)  

November 15th
Programming Planning & Practice
> Planning (history)
> Handicap Issues
> Handicap Clearances
> Graphic Vignette (Site Zoning)

December 13th
Construction Documents & Services
> AIA Documents
> Construction Scheduling
> Specifications (open, closed, prescriptive)
> Graphic Vignettes (Building Section)

January 17th
Building Design & Construction Systems
> Brick and Grout types and uses
> Soil Types
> Wood species, plain sawn, quarter sawn
> Concrete types and uses
> Concrete Admixtures types and uses
> Graphic Vignettes (Ramp, Stair, Roof)

February 21st 
Structural Systems - (no math)
> Structural Systems
> Foundation Systems
> Soils
> Long Span Systems
> Seismic and Wind Loads
> Graphic Vignette (Structural Layout)

March 21st 
Building Systems
> Air conditioning (how it works, types, etc.)
> Dew Point, Insulation
> Electrical AC versus DC
> Amps, volts, (how to calculate usage)
> Graphic Vignette (Mech. & Elect. Plan)

April 18th 
Schematic Design (graphics)
> Graphic Vignettes (Interior Layout & Building Layout) 

May 17 & 18, 2017
AIA WIsconsin Convention & Building Products Expo


Also . . .


ARE Lending Library

AIA Wisconsin has established a lending library of Architect Registration Examination (ARE) 4.0 study materials from Kaplan AEC Education that cover all sections of the ARE exam. The materials are available to Associate AIA members and can be checked out of the office for a period of 14 days.

For details, read the ARE Lending Library Policies (PDF). This PDF also includes the form necessary for participation. Contact AIA Wisconsin at (608) 257-8477 to confirm availability.

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