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Selecting an Architect for Your Residential Project


Whether you are remodeling the kitchen or creating your dream home . . . working with an architect member of the AIA can save time and money by making your new spaces more functional, comfortable, efficient and environmentally responsible. Architects can play a pivotal role in reducing the overall environmental impact and energy needed to create and operate buildings, the single biggest consumer of fossil fuels. The result is a project that is beautiful, distinctive, efficient and healthy for us and the planet.

If you've never worked with an architect before, you likely have questions. Does your project really require an architect? At what point should you involve a design team?

What is it like to work with an AIA architect, and how do you get the most out of the experience? You and Your Architect can help you to do so—personally, professionally, creatively and sustainably.

How Design Works for You

At the AIA's How Design Works for You web site, you can find answers and tools to guide you through the five stages of design, and watch clients and architects describe how the process worked for them. Prepare yourself for a rewarding relationship with an AIA architect. Good design makes a difference.™

Watch CranTv

The Custom Residential Architects Network offers several helpful videos on YouTube


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