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For Vendors : Exhibit Awards Program

2013 Booth Award WinnersEach year, AIA Wisconsin presents awards for outstanding displays to exhibitors that participate in its annual Convention & Building Products Exposition. This program is conducted each year to:

• Stimulate participating companies and organizations to develop an attractive display with a professional image.

• Recognize those exhibitors that do an outstanding job.

These guidelines are intended to provide guidance for the participating exhibitors and the AIA Wisconsin members serving on the jury.

Outstanding Exhibit Awards
Awards to be presented include the following:

• Outstanding Exhibit - First Place

• Outstanding Exhibit - Second Place

• Outstanding Exhibit - Third Place

• Honorable Mention(s)

Judging and Awards Presentation
These guidelines for the Exhibit Awards program will be made available to all exhibitors prior to the Convention.

The AIA Wisconsin Convention Committee will select an Exhibit Awards Jury to conduct the judging.

The judging will take place during the first exhibit period on the first day of the Convention. The awards will be presented to the winning exhibitors prior to the conclusion of this exhibit period.

Exhibit Awards Criteria

      • RULES AND REGULATIONS — Exhibitor has conformed to all rules and regulations for the AIA Wisconsin Convention & Expo as set forth in the display contract.
      • PERSONNEL — Exhibit personnel present a professional image reflecting not only knowledge regarding their products and services, but also a sincere willingness to answer questions and be of service to AIA Wisconsin members who visit their display.
      • MAINTENANCE — Consideration will be given to the exhibit’s physical maintenance. The display should be neat, clean and uncluttered.
      • ORIGINALITY — Consideration will be given to innovative and artistic approaches for displaying products or for drawing attention to services that will spark the interest of participants and attract them to the display.
      • THEME — Consideration will be given for efforts by the exhibitor to reflect the Convention theme in their display.


Benefits to Exhibitors

• Recognition to all Exhibit Award winners through announcements at the Convention and the presentation of prize ribbons.

• Recognition for Exhibit Award winners in Wisconsin Architect eNewsletter distributed to AIA Wisconsin members and posted to AIA Wisconsin Website.

• Companies/organizations that are presented an Exhibit Award may recognize this fact in their promotional materials as appropriate.

If you have any questions about the Exhibit Awards program, please call the AIA Wisconsin office in Madison at (608) 257-8477or contact us via e-mail.

Thank you for exhibiting . . . and good luck!

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