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AIA 150: AIA Southwest Wisconsin Allied Drive Initiative

The Allied Drive community in Madison is a troubled neighborhood. Developed in the 1940s as a utopian apartment complex to house students and young families, the neighborhood began deteriorating in the 1960s. The original utopian Allied Drive community is long gone, but a new one is emerging. Taking advantage of the intense design and communication boost provided by AIA Southwest Wisconsin’s efforts, the area is poised to celebrate its past and design its future.

AIA 150: AIA Milwaukee Reweaving the Neighborhood Fabric

The AIA Milwaukee AIA150 initiative will bring exquisitely designed, affordable, sustainable and accessible modular infill housing to three neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Racine and Waukesha, where affordable housing is extremely scarce. Each will receive one dwelling, designed by teams of graduate students at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Each is intended as a catalyst for future infill units in the neighborhoods, knitting them together and strengthening them as livable communities.

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