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Members of AIA Wisconsin have an interest in numerous public policy issues being addressed by local, state and federal officials. This interest extends beyond proposed legislation and administrative rules that directly affect the profession of architecture to included proposals that will impact Wisconsin's design and construction industry, economic climate, quality of life, natural environment and public health, safety and welfare.

Working together, architects and policy makers can help rebuild the American Dream. AIA Wisconsin leaders met with policy makers on Capitol Hill to ask for action on the following initiatives:

Remove Barriers to Private Sector Lending
Reign in regulatory overkill and pass legislation t minimize commercial foreclosures and maximize access to credit to help small business to get back to work.

Save Energy to Create Jobs
Increase the federal Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction fro $1.80sf to $3.00sf and make it easier t take the deduction.

Help Small Firms Thrive
Reduce tax rates on small businesses and prevent efforts to penalize small design firms.

Revitalize America's Neighborhoods
Pass transportation reform legislation that maintains current funding levels and invests in all modes of transportation.


AIA Wisconsin Leaders met with Senator Herb Kohl

AIA Wisconsin Leaders met with Senator Herb Kohl to discuss the AIA Brick by Brick plan. (L-R) William Babcock, Hon. AIA; David Peterson, AIA; Janine Glaeser, AIA;, Thomas Cox, AIA; Senator Herb Kohl; Brenda Taylor, Assoc. AIA; Dean Von Tersch, AIA, Thomas Hirsch, FAIA; and Devin Little, Assoc. AIA.


The Architect as a Legislative Resource
State Legislative Agenda

Building Wisconsin's Future - Architects as a Resource:
2015 Issue Briefs        


AIA Wisconsin and AGC of Wisconsin statement:
              "Now is the Time to Invest in State Buildings" (6/13)


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