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The AIA represents the interests of architects before federal, state, and local governments and other policy-making bodies. This outreach, coupled with sustained member participation and active involvement in the political process, enables the AIA to advocate on behalf of legislative, regulatory, and related issues important to AIA members.

The AIA Wisconsin Board of Directors encourages local AIA Chapters to represent the best interests of members and the profession by getting involved in the debate and articulating positions on important public policy issues.

Issues should be selected carefully and discussed thoroughly. Chapter position statements shall be consistent with established state and national AIA policies and should be structured to accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Improve conditions for the practice of architecture.
  • Improve the quality of the built environment.
  • Enhance the role of architects in the development of public policy.
  • Increase public awareness of architecture.

Adoption of a position statement requires the support of at least two of the three Chapter officers, following thorough review and discussion.

Requests for the Chapter to take a position on an issue shall be in writing and include sufficient background for adequate review and consideration.

Depending on the nature of the issue, and if timing allows, Chapter officers should encourage discussion and comment by members at regular Chapter meetings and other available means.

Prior to Chapter adoption, Chapters shall submit proposed position statement and relevant background information on issue to the AIA Wisconsin Executive Committee for review and comment. Depending on the issue, related state and national AIA policies and timeframe involved, Executive Committee may request that proposed position statement be considered by the AIA Wisconsin Board of Directors prior to its adoption by the Chapter.

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