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Wisconsin Students Out-of-State Study Scholarships

The Wisconsin Architects Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships of $1000 each to outstanding Wisconsin students who are pursuing architectural studies out-of-state. This amount may change based on the availability of funding.

The selection committee will consider the student's GPA, financial need, likelihood of graduating, leadership abilities, and community involvement. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate a commitment to the discipline of architecture and are completing the terminal years of their education (i.e. upperclassmen). The committee encourages, minority, female, and disabled students to apply.

The Wisconsin Architects Foundation confers these grants with an understanding that the recipients will support the WAF when he/she is financially able to do so. The criteria for eligibility is defined below:

  1. The student must have received his/her high school diploma from a Wisconsin high school.

  2. The student must be currently attending or planning to attend an NAAB-accredited school of architecture within a First Professional Degree or Post-graduate degree program.

  3. Any student who has previously received a WAF scholarship is ineligible.


Required Documents

Please provide the following documents for consideration:

  1. The attached form indicating name and contact information. Download Form PDF - Fill out, print & sign

  2. Most current transcript (GPA) and board scores ( SAT, GRE or similar).

  3. One Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or other who can speak about your potential.

  4. Brief essay, no more than 500 words, describing your interests in the scholarship. The essay is an opportunity for you to describe yourself, your leadership potential, financial need, community involvement, use of the scholarship funds or any other information that will enable the committee to learn more about you.

  5. Acceptance letter to the NAAB-accredited program.

  6. Portfolio representing exemplary work, including internship work that you have undertaken within a professional practice clearly identified. The portfolio should be no more than 12 pages (24 views), in Adobe pdf format, and saved to compact disc, labeled with your name. i.e. "Jane Doe.pdf." Please label the CD with your name as well.

  7. Demonstration of graduation from a Wisconsin high school (copy of diploma or equivalent).


Submission of Materials

Please gather the above materials and send in a single envelope to:   

Wisconsin Architects Foundation
Scholarship Committee
321 S. Hamilton Street ,
Madison, WI 53703-4000

Deadline for receipt of materials is May 15. The Scholarship Committee of the Wisconsin Architects Foundation will notify students by June 30.

Build Wisconsin's Future

Despite its success, your participation and financial support are needed to continue the important work the WAF does on behalf of the profession. Opportunities are available throughout the year to make regular contributions or memorial gifts, and innovative ideas for contributions are gladly accepted. The WAF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity and gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Contact AIA Wisconsin & Wisconsin Architects Foundation for more information.

Help us promote this scholarship. Download (and distribute) the poster.

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