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Magazines for Inspiration Recycling Program

In 2008 WAF kicked off an exciting new vision initiative to recycle design magazines and get them into the hands of middle and high school students. Due to the popularity of this program, we now only accept Architectural Record and Architect magazines. A sticker placed on each cover directs students to online architectural career information.

Please no magazines older than 5 years.


Drop Off Locations

AIA Milwaukee
Kahler Slater
Milwaukee, WI
John Horky, AIA

AIA Southwest Wisconsin
Kahler Slater
Madison, WI
Sandra Balk

AIA Northeast Wisconsin
Hoffman Planning Design & Construction
Appleton, WI
Jody Andres, AIA

AIA Northwest Wisconsin
HSR Associates Inc.
La Crosse, WI
Kurt Schroeder, AIA

Lien & Peterson Architects
Eau Claire
Greg Granlund, AIA


Over 50 schools accept architecture magazines through the Wisconsin Architects Foundation Magazines for Inspiration Program. Teachers/Instructors interested in receiving magazines should contact Pat Conway, AIA.


Please direct all questions about the Magazines for Inspiration recycling program to Pat Conway, AIA.


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