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Deep Energy Retrofit

Currently, energy efficiency in existing buildings is most often addressed by upgrading outdated engineering systems, such as lighting and HVAC systems, with better-performing technologies. This sort of standard retrofit saves energy and addresses some of the large energy inefficiencies in existing buildings; however, this limited scope prevents a building from realizing much greater savings. A design-centered, holistic approach to a retrofit, in which all the interactions in a building’s systems are considered can yield substantially higher energy savings. Retrofits of this type, called deep energy retrofits, aim for energy savings upwards of 50%. Deep energy retrofits are not only more effective in cutting energy use and saving building owners money, they also have the potential to be a new and robust business model for architects.  With the unique professional skills and formal training understanding how all of the components of these complex machines we call buildings work the architect can facilitate and coordinate all of these systems.  This initiative recognizes the need to address both integral components associated with this business delivery; technical as well as financial.  Understanding and coordinating these components serves as the foundation for a successful solution for building owners, operators and occupants; results that cannot be realized without financial and resource opportunity.  Providing the architect the necessary training and tools to not only lead but facilitate and coordinate deep energy retrofits will serve as a key component in realizing a sustainable energy independence while optimizing commercial building performance.

Report link…
American Institute of Architects / Rocky Mountain Institute Deep Energy Retrofit Report:

Deep Energy Retrofit Workshop

Friday, April 4, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Milwaukee, WI

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"Deep Energy Retrofits: A Holistic Approach to Greater Savings" Webinar
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Steering Committee Members…
Marge Anderson, EVP, Energy Center of Wisconsin
Bill Babcock, Hon. AIA, AIA Wisconsin
Zachary Hart, AIA State & Local Relations
Henry Kosarzycki, AIA, AIA Director
Steve Kismohr, AIA, Senior Manager, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Josh Neudorfer, Sigma Group
Tate Walker, AIA, Energy Center of Wisconsin
Abby Vogen-Horn, VP, Franklin Energy Services
Kurt Zimmerman, AIA, Zimmerman Architectural Studios



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