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State Programs Commission

Convention Committee

To work with Board of Directors, staff and other committees to plan, promote, coordinate and conduct an annual statewide conference on design, practice and technology issues that is attractive to members, allied professionals and material suppliers and that achieves or exceeds financial goals established by budget.

Design Awards Commitee

To convene an annual design awards jury for selection of the work of member architects that merits recognition for design excellence; to assist in disseminating the results of this selection to members and public through Wisconsin Architect magazine, the annual Convention and media thereby fostering public awareness of the work of member architects; to sponsor Honor Awards speaker and banquet; and to encourage dialogue by the public and among members of the purpose and direction of architectural design in Wisconsin.

Golden Awards Committee

To screen and rank Golden Award nominations for submission of recommendation to Board of Directors.

Firm Award Committee

The Firm Award Committee was established by the AIA Wisconsin Board of Directors in October 1996 to develop recommendations for the Architecture Firm Award program. It includes a representative from each of the four local AIA Chapters in Wisconsin. The committee is responsible for coordinating the awards program and for assisting in the selection of the jury.

Fall Workshop Committee

To work with Board of Directors and staff to plan, promote and conduct an annual one-day workshop on practice issues of interest to members.

QBS Committee

To create, maintain and improve a resource readily available to public owners and members for the objective, informed, responsive and professionally responsible promotion of Qualification Based Selection (QBS) procedures; to monitor QBS program and advise the Board of Directors as to its operations; to establish objectives, recommend policies, approve presentation materials, promote owner and member participation, coordinate with related professional organizations and evaluate program performance.

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