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Component Affairs Commission

Membership Committee

To develop and implement programs and materials for expanding membership and for increasing membership retention and participation; to profile and analyze membership attitudes and needs for use in planning member recruitment programs, developing methods to encourage increased member participation and recommending new programs and services to respond to member needs.

Public Awareness Committee

To encourage architects to work together to develop and maintain a clear understanding of the present and future roles architects play in society so to effectively position the profession to be of greatest service; to develop materials and programs to expand the public's awareness of architecture and architects as well as architect's awareness of the public's needs and expectations.

Architects in Schools

To encourage and assist architects in presenting programs on architecture in local schools by developing statewide network of AIA members and teachers interested in creating and promoting these opportunities. Architects in Schools resource page

Fellowship Committee

To identify and recommend to the Board of Directors candidates for nomination for advancement to the AIA College of Fellows; to encourage members to seek advancement and assist candidates in the preparation of nomination materials.

Historic Resources Committee

To encourage the preservation of Wisconsin historic resources; to promote within the architecture profession and the general public a greater awareness, appreciation and respect for those historic resources; to provide leadership, programs and technical support within the profession on preservation-related issues, serving as a source of information and education.

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