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AIA Wisconsin Presidents' Recollections

In 2011, AIA Wisconsin past presidents were asked to jot down a few comments about the year they served as president.

AIA Wisconsin is the statewide society of The American Institute of Architects. AIA Wisconsin represents architects in private practice, business, industry, government and education, as well as interns, allied professionals and students. Its mission is to serve members, advance their value and improve the quality of our built environment.

AIA Wisconsin celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2011.

Leonard H Reinke, FAIA
1964 President
Wisconsin Chapter AIA
Lawrence E. Bray, AIA
1968 President
Wisconsin Chapter AIA
Sheldon Segel, AIA
1970 President
Wisconsin Chapter AIA

David E. Lawson, FAIA
1978 President
Wisconsin Society of Architects
Noble E. Rose, AIA
1980 President
Wisconsin Society of Architects

“Like a rite of passage,
the past president . . . presented me with authentic baseball shin guards to ward off the under-the-table kicks of pointed shoes delivered by our Executive Director.”


“Our major objective . . . was to establish an Architectural College within the state. The committee . . . worked continuously with the University of Wisconsin and the business community to demonstrate the potential benefits that an in-state school would provide the whole state.”

“After some correspondence, Frank Lloyd Wright agreed to host a visit. Unfortunately, he passed away before our scheduled visit; however, his wife insisted we come as planned.”

“It is an extremely satisfying way to help direct your profession while meeting some of the nicest people in the process.”

“It was a time of great adventures for WSA. Since participation from members in the La Crosse area was virtually at a stand-still, we worked . . . to get that important group on board.”

Frederick E. Zimmermann, AIA
1984 President
Wisconsin Society of Architects

Robert D. Cooper, AIA
1987 President
Wisconsin Society of Architects

Lisa L. Kennedy, AIA
1994 President
AIA Wisconsin

Kevin J. Connolly, AIA
1995 President
AIA Wisconsin

Horst W. Lobe, AIA
1996 President
AIA Wisconsin

“The Wisconsin State Journal, with its policy to support the preservation of historic structures . . . was receptive to our proposal of gifting the necessary land, the Stoner House and parking to the Wisconsin Architects Foundation . . . The project was completed in
about 10 months.”
“The Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) program was developed . . . [and] efforts were also pursued to reduce the impact of architects’ liability claims by seeking changes to the joint and several liability provisions in state statutes.”
“The most significant initiative . . . was the reinstatement of the
Statute of Repose for
architects . . . Our futures, and those of our families, are safer for it.”
“I met the late Fay Jones, who gave this young architect about five minutes of his time and
advice . . . That night, like so many other times throughout my career, proves the old adage: you get back more than you give . . .”
“After describing the use of lofty design principles to children, we got down to their practical application
with the homeless shelter.”
A. James Gersich, AIA
1997 President
AIA Wisconsin

John G. Horky, AIA
1998 President
AIA Wisconsin

Thomas Cox, AIA
2003 President
AIA Wisconsin

Marty Sell, AIA
2007 President
AIA Wisconsin

Wm. Lee Connellee, AIA
2008 President
AIA Wisconsi
“We partnered with a local group . . . that would own and operate the developed facility. It would be occupied by working homeless . . . people in training for employment. Fundraising, grants, loans and donated materials and services led to a three-unit dwelling, once a former crack house on Madison’s eastside.”
“Some of my clearest memories include . . . the annual visit with our congressional delegation in
Washington D.C. during Grassroots . . . [and] helping to establish an ethic of
asking our members
for their views.”
“The year was marked by a spirit of collaboration with our allied professional groups . . . to build bridges of understanding and develop a path to work together on issues common to all of the organizations.”
“Wisconsin components did exceptional work giving back to their communities. The Southwest Chapter’s work in planning the redevelopment of a blighted neighborhood on Madison’s south side and AIA Milwaukee’s work for infill housing in central Milwaukee were highlights
of our efforts.”
“It was the inaugural year of the AIA Wisconsin Design Awards video shown in the Expo and at the awards ceremony . . . Say Hey!”
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