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Coloring Book Submittal Guidelines

AIA Wisconsin members are encouraged to submit information on significant Wisconsin buildings for inclusion in a Coloring Book for Elementary School children.

Please forward the following information:

  • Title of the building or project

  • Location of the building or structure

  • Approximate Date/Year of design or construction

  • An image of the Architect or team of Architects contributing to the design of the structure (high resolution 3x5”)

  • A short paragraph regarding the Architect or team

  • An image of the building or structure, preferably a color photograph (high resolution 5x7”)

  • A short paragraph regarding the important elements of the building or structure, including awards, honors, LEED status, etc

  • Line-work image of the building suitable for the application of colored regions. (Line Art 8x10”)

The image may be:

  • A freehand, original artwork
  • A reproduction from construction documents or presentation materials
  • A tracing of a photograph, produced on paper or by software process

Pages dedicated to individual architects, with a portrait image suitable for application of colored regions also is accepted.

AIA Wisconsin will not accept responsibility for errors in submitted material. By making a submission, each entrant certifies that permission has been obtained from the photographer(s) to publish the photographs and electronic images submitted. Please provide credit for all sources.

Send Submissions, in their entirety, to: Subject: Coloring Page: [your project name]



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